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At Glacier's End - Limited Edition

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**Limited Edition - 200 Copies Made**


This limited edition copy of At Glacier's End includes a slip cover design with a hard copy of the book and an 8x12 print of the book's cover shot. Each book is labeled out of x/200 copies.

"Iceland's glacial rivers are nature's abstract paintings. It seems obvious that rivers this wild and stunning are protected, yet the harsh reality is that many have been dammed, mainly to provide power for aluminum plants. A massive conservation movement is underway to preserve these rivers, but will it succeed? At Glacier's End gives a voice to Iceland's glacial rivers - providing both a cultural and environmental perspective - on the journey from glacier to sea."

-Hard cover construction with a slip cover
-145 pages of stunning aerial photos of Iceland's glacial rivers 
-8,000+ words of text discussing Iceland's environmental initiative and history of its river systems
-Personal anecdotes from Chris
-Perfect coffee table book
-Publication date: 12/2/19

12.75" X 9.25"X.75"

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